Proper Care of Clothes

Our clothes are carefully made by hand from quality materials and we would be happy to wear them longer.


Here are some tips for proper storage and treatment of different clothing materials:

Pay attention to the temperature and washing mode indicated on the label.

Natural SILK refers to delicate fabrics that need a particularly careful approach (better to use dry cleaning services).

Iron the silks in a special mode, with a warm iron.

On WOOL clothes (cashmere, alpaca) remove the contaminated areas by brushing with a soft brush, because the dust would adversely affect the appearance of the product. We recommend dry cleaning.

Do not use a dryer.

KNITTED CLOTHES should be put in their original shape and dried on a horizontal surface to maintain their good condition.

Wash fine SYNTHETIC MATERIALS at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

Turn the clothes on the packaging side before washing, this will help keep the beautiful appearance of the product longer.

Avoid machine drying, because the clothes will stretch and wear out faster.