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The time of year has come when our favorite coats keep us in a warm embrace.

The world does not intend to stop dressing in cashmere and silk. The style does not rest. We select the best materials and we work skillfully with them for the new well-dressed year. Meetings are constantly happening and the occasions to be together are only growing. TeAdore P. shares another common place to meet with the girls we loves. We present in our new website the Winter 2021 Collection.

The focus this season is on the fine selection of high quality fabrics, textures and details. The silhouettes are classic, but re-read in nuances that upgrade the saturation.

The milky white coat, made of natural wool and alpaca, is delightful and soft as cream. We combine it with leather pants in the same cream shade and a cashmere sweater when we run through the long days with the same cup of coffee in hand. Here is part of the visual identity of the collection: